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"All Terrain Armored Combat Robot (A.T.A.C.R.) is a state of the art war fighting vehicle for mechanized warfare."

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Burst Damage :

Evasive Damage  : 

Disruption : 

Sustainability : 

Inevitability  : 

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Missile Salvo 

Alpha strike 

Resource management play style

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Fighting Style

Fighting Sytle 

Armed with autocannons, machine guns and a multiple rocket system, a single pilot can devastate an army. Each weapon system is designed for a specific role in combat, yet combined together they present multiple attack vectors for any opponent to handle.


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The autocannons are equipped on both arms and they are best utilized when unbridled destruction is required. One common sequence is to find the range with a calibrated shot, before unloading with an alpha strike.

In the game this is represented by a boost to next damage (+3), when Calibrated Shot is fired. The follow up Death and Destruction doubles all the damage, resulting in a jump from 14 damage to 20 damage. That is 2/3 of an opponent’s initial life total.

Despite the raw firepower, the attack is slow. Agile fighters can conceivably dodge the assault. The machine guns are equipped to deal with these threats. 

Acceleration ON 

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Sometimes pumping out sheer volume of leads in all directions is the solution, even though it is hardly elegant. When even more speed is called for, the computer on board can help with tracking and firing. The Spray and Pray card that normally deals 8 damage with a speed of 4, can end up dealing 16 damage with a speed of 5 if it is computer assisted. Almost nobody is fast enough to avoid this onslaught.

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Defensive Mechanisms

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But one word of caution though, the mech is very ammo hungry and can overheat. It is advisable to expend ammo when you need to, not just because you can. While reloading, the A.T.A.C.R can become vulnerable. Manage your resources and apply defensive options at key moments to stay operational. 

The Death Machine

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The third weapon system is reserved for the difficult opponents who have myriad of tricks to counter your every move. A rocket system is designed to overwhelm them.

An A.T.A.C.R is the total package. While not as fluid as many combatants in an arena, it can deliver maximum firepower when it needs to and has the defensive options to stand up to most attacks. As long as the player can manage its resources well, it will always stand triumphant.

Champion Tips

This card has a PERPETUAL mechanic. When it can be successfully played, it will go back to the player’s hand, ready to be played again. With a maximum ammo of 12, it can be played 6 times resulting in 24 damage. Unlike a normal attack, a missile cannot be blocked. While some incredible martial artists have been known to destroy missiles in mid-air, (this is represented by a missile being destroyed by a fast attack), hardly anyone can withstand the combined package of all three weapon systems.

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Crisis in Ovid

Piloting the A.T.A.C.R, Antonius encounters a mysterious horror in the midst of a mission to Ovid, a town bordering the dunes. A soldier must be fearless for his people, but how does one face the madness that is about to commence.


Wishlist on Steam


Death or Glory® will be available for Early Access on Steam Summer 2022
Mobile and Tablet versions will be available soon!

Death or Glory
® demo will be released on Steam Februrary 2022

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