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“A techie is a master of technology. Guns, cannons and missiles are his toys. Gadgets that erect forcefields are his playthings. At the push of a button, armies can be annihilated. Yet they all require ammo to function. Some of these ingenious inventions might even overheat. To overcome these vulnerabilities, he requires more than the brain of an engineer. He needs to possess the flair of a tactician as well.”

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Iron Percision

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A Techie can achieve the seemingly impossible. Missiles barrage that cannot be blocked. Forcefield that is impenetrable. Devices that can make a person invisible. These technologies are so overwhelming that his opponent stands little chance if not also for the limitations. When ammo runs out or devices overheat, there is a reload period. His enemy will time these moments to strike. But that can also be a trap. He can make you think there is an opening. But is it?


Game-ending Alpha strikes


Missiles and equipment 

Crippling Firepower


Target acquired, Lock-on. FIRE!

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A techie needs to manage combat around his resources. While that is true to an extent for all classes, it is even more extreme for him. Having access to wonderful devices and technologies allow him to outgun, outsmart and outlast most opponents. But when he needs to reload his ammo he is vulnerable. The same is true when he needs to flush his heat to avoid overheating.

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Most offensive weapons consume ammo. The more powerful the weapon, the more ammo it consumes. With enough ammo, a techie can launch an alpha strike that can decimate his opponent with overwhelming firepower. Yet ammo is not replenished automatically. A reload card needs to be played and he is vulnerable to all attacks until the end of turn. Thankfully, he always has tricks up his sleeves. Turning on forcefield, kinetic barrier or even stealth mode are just some of the ways he stop his enemy from taking advantage of him.


As fantastic as some of the options available to a techie, these incredible gadgets build up heat. Once heat reaches its maximum, these devices can no longer be used. To flush out the heat, a reload card needs to be played, making him vulnerable to attacks until the end of turn. While a techie has no problem with sustainability, because he can reload infinite number of times, he does need to manage his gameplay around these reload cycles.


A  missile is only accessible to a techie. It differs from a normal attack in a number of ways. It cannot be blocked, dodged, braced, etc. (the ways you stop an attack). Instead his opponent tries to stop it by attacking with at least a speed 4 card. A speed 3 attack can be successful but then he needs to discard a card. There is no partial success for a missile. A missile that is not stopped does its full damage but if it is stopped, it does no damage. Because a techie would also have normal attacks as well, it is difficult for his opponent to keep a full range of cards available to defend this wide variety of offensive vectors. Missiles are particularly effective against an opponent who overextends by using up all the attacks


All Terrain Armored combat robot

Player Character 

A.T.A.C.R is a state of the art weaponised mech designed specifically for combat. This machine is equipped with barriers, accelerators, missiles, cannons, turrets and reactive armour, making it more than ready to take on any enemy. With so many tools at bay, resource management and tactical maneveures will the key to success.


Arena Challengers 

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Midnight Rider is an interesting opponent. He charges his opponent with guns and missiles. When his bike charges forward he is Front Facing, doing so allows him to take less damage. But then as he drives away, he will expose his back and be vulnerable to take more damage. During this time he has impeccable speed, making him invulnerable to damage making this his opportunity to reload and then he will do this lap all over again. 

His opponent not only has to avoid the barrage of firepower but also has to find a way to overcome his speed to take him down. 

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Lucky John only trusts his revolver. He doesn't trust his girlfriend, nor this partner, but just his revolver. Even though he can kill you with one shot, he usually warns you first. he can do amazing things with it, too. Shooting arrows out of mid-air, trick shots whilst he is drinking and stunning you to the ground with just one shot. With just on shot he is already a pain... just what will happen when he unloads everything. 

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Death or Glory® will be available for Early Access on Steam Summer 2022
Mobile and Tablet versions will be available soon!

Death or Glory
® demo will be released on Steam Februrary 2022


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