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"A consummate martial artist, he flows like water and strikes like lightning. But not until he has met the mysterious Sifu, does he unlock the ability to become the true Dragon Master."

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Burst Damage :

Evasive Damage  : 

Disruption : 

Sustainability : 

Inevitability  : 

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Upper and Lower Strike System 

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Jack of all trades 

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Flexible Combat Style 

Fighting Style

Fighting Style 

Lee is a Kung Fu fighter and a Dragon Warrior. His fighting style heavily relies on keeping his opponent off guard before finishing him off with his Dragon chi attacks. He utilizes a unique mechanic that is only available to him and him alone in the game, an Upper and Lower Strike combo system.


Strike Effect 

Lower Strike Card

Upper Strike Card

When an Upper Strike is successfully played, any subsequent Lower Strike, or vice versa, can trigger additional game changing effects, crippling his opponent or allowing Lee to gain a big advantage. 

Combo 1 - Consistency or Disruption 

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Lee can be very flexible in his combos as different strike effects can be triggered depending on card sequencing. If EYE POKE is played first, the  KNEE KICK follow up will trigger the effect "Draw 2 cards". On the other hand if Lee KNEE KICK first, the subsequent EYE POKE will force your opponent to discard 2 cards with "Daze(2)".  This system allows Lee to tailor the effect for the right situation.

Combo 2 - Fast Damage or Big Buildup  

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Card023nnn 651x931.png

"THROAT JAB" and "KIDNEY BLOW" are both damage dealers. THROAT JAB can be triggered to deal 10 damage, greatly hurting his opponent with 35 maximum health. This is a powerful finisher and is difficult to block.  

Yet if Lee can inflict "TRAUMA" from "KIDNEY BLOW", there is a 30% chance at the end of every turn to cause additional damage from TRAUMA POINTS. These points are accumulated from all subsequent damage. This guarantees his opponent's demise if the game lasts long enough.

Combo 3 - Twin Dragon 

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'TWIN DRAGON' is not a Strike style card, but the "REUSE" ability allows Lee to pick up any Upper Strike or Lower Strike card that is in play and return it to his hand, allowing him to play it again if he has the resources.  The power of the card is only limited by your imagination and the effects that you can reuse and retrigger.

Champion Tips

Lee's greatest advantage is his ability to adapt with his many tools in his arsenal. He can always trigger the right effect for any given situation, whether he is running low on cards or needing to finish off his opponent immediately. Understanding his toolset and flexibility is essential if you are to maximize his potential.

Character Story
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The Dragon Rises

Faced against notorious crime boss, Tornado, Lee must act swiftly in order to free the innocent. Partnering with a suspicious ally, Lee discovers an underground operation that he must topple in order to save the day. 


Wishlist on Steam


Death or Glory® will be available for Early Access on Steam Summer 2022
Mobile and Tablet versions will be available soon!

Death or Glory
® demo will be released on Steam Februrary 2022

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