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Frequently Asked Questions

A short series of questions and answers to understand

Death or Glory!

What is Death or Glory?

Dueling Card Game

Every card is an action! Play as a fighter in a deathmatch for glory! Attack or react by playing the right cards at the right time to dominate the arena! 

Universal Combat System

There are 5 unique classes in the game, each with a specific resource system representing Warriors, Monsters, Evangelists, Spellslingers and Techies.

Any Battle Style

Every fighter has a different combat style. Vampires may leech whilst ninjas may evade with smoke. Characters decks are unique,  so no characters will play the same.

How can I play?

Death or Glory is Free to play and will launch on Steam Summer 2022 for Windows PC. Following closely, IOS and Android versions for tablets will follow with cross-platform capabilities. Saved account data, cards and multiplayer will be available across all platforms. 

Death or Glory Demo is now live on Steam! 

What kind of content should I expect?

At launch, there will be 5 player characters available in the game with a complete progression system for each fighter. New characters will be added into the roster every month for the foreseeable future. There will be a series of daily and weekly quests for players to earn rewards and learn more about the characters in the world. Arena mode will feature over 25 NPC characters which will appear randomly in a tournament format which will test your limits of survivability. Multiplayer will also be a core mode available with seasonal rewards, rankings and casual mode which will allow any player to enjoy or compete with friends. 

More content is in the works and will be updated as they are developed. Stay tuned! 

How do I get more characters and cards?

Upon completing the tutorial you will be gifted any character of your choice. Additional characters can be unlocked with in-game currency that can be earned with completing daily quests, playing the arena or multiplayer. As your play, you will gain experience points for the corresponding character and can unlock unique items and bonus cards that will flesh out their story and provide fresh gameplay experiences from new mechanics introduced. Players who want to experience the game immediately may also purchase the characters from the in-game store at reasonable prices. There will no RNG loot boxes or booster packs so all content can be played at measurable prices

What is the difference between Class and Characters?

Unlike many traditional CCGs, Characters in Death or Glory have a full unique deck where all their cards will be specific to them. A ninja would throw ninja stars and use smokescreens to avoid attacks, but would never fire missiles or generate barriers to mitigate damage. This is done to capture and stay true to their character's identity to create interesting and asymmetric combat. The 5 class system was designed to categorise the large spectrum of characters into different resource systems. This is so that characters can be balanced and appear on an equal and fair battlefield whilst maintaining a high level of integrity for their fighting style. These resource systems play Hand in hand with the special mechanics of the characters generating a one of a kind battling experience best realised in the tournament format of the Arena. 

Can I customise my characters?

Yes. Every player character starts off with 15 cards in their default deck. As you unlock more cards by levelling up, you may change and replace cards in the deck builder to create different deck mechanics and objectives which could catch your opponent off guard. In future updates we will also be introducing card skins of different tiers, offering a wide range of cosmetic variations including special card animations. Every character will also have changeable dialogue options that triggers when specific cards are played which will tell you more about their backstory and personality.

I have played the demo and I have feedback I want to give!

First of all, thank you for playing our demo! We would love to hear the good, the bad and the ugly that you have found with our game! You can leave your feedback here or in the link bellow. If you want a direct response from us you can send us a email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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