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“A monster is usually a non-human, shunned by society. It hunts with predatorial instinct, stalking its prey tirelessly. Yet bloodlust slowly builds, until the beast from within is unleashed in a flurry of claws and teeth. A monster strikes to kill or not at all. It is never a question of morality but of survival.”

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Assasins OF THE WILD  

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Vampire Assasin

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Rabid Dog

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The Restless Dead

MONSTER is a class sharing a wide variety of abilities.  A vampire might kill slowly by draining the blood of its victim while a minotaur is nigh unstoppable when it is enraged. What unites them is their fighting style. Unprovoked, a monster can be docile. But when it is time to hunt, it is merciless and can finish off its opponent in short order. If you like explosive damage and potential one-turn kills, this class is for you.

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Explosive Power 


Face off feral monsters that thirst for blood... or else... join them.

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When an opponent fights a monster, there is always a feeling of impending doom. The Bloodlust and Unleashed mechanic evokes this eerie and terrifying experience.



A monster is restricted to attacking only once a turn. This represents pent-up rage. But once it plays an unleashed card, the restriction is lifted and it can attack up to 10 times in a turn.


The unleashed card further enhances the sequence of attacks, whether by providing damage boost, sustained healing, or even extra speed. As a result, an unassuming monster can completely devastate an opponent in a single turn. It is never too late to turn the table if a monster is allowed to unleash its fury.


Rage is built up overtime. The inner potential of a monster cannot be released instantly. The game reflects this with the bloodlust mechanic. Any turn that its opponent is damaged, it feeds the bloodlust within the monster. As that level rises, the player can play increasingly more powerful attacks.


Yet this condition can go into reverse. Any turn the opponent is not damaged, the monster becomes dispirited and its bloodlust level wanes. As bloodlust drops, a monster becomes less threatening with many cards unplayable. This style of gameplay is very polarized. When a monster unleashes with maximum bloodlust, it is almost unstoppable but a monster starved of damage is no more threatening than a pussy cat


the werewolf

Player Character 

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Redeye is a very dangerous fighter if only because of its ferocity. Being a wolfman means he is unburdened by human weakness. He is very capable of inflicting self-harm if he can hurt his opponent even more. This means his attacks are generally difficult to stop.


Arena Challengers 


Kali is a vampire assassin who revels in blood. Her first attack may seem innocuous by draining blood slowly from her opponent. But that feeds her bloodlust. She escalates quickly by biting your neck while recovering her own.


Finally, the insatiable thirst overtakes her as she rips her opponent's limbs from limbs. There is little that can stop a vampire in Frenzy when every successful attack draws her a card. But because she has unleashed, she can keep attacking with no restraint.

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Restless Dead's playstyle is less typical of a monster. It is less aggressive but no less dangerous. Its opening move is always to infect its opponent. But because of the Shallow Grave mechanic, there is always a 50% chance for him to come back to life. In a battle of endurance, it will always win. Disease will eventually overcome any opponent and it will remain the last monster standing. 

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Calculated Aggresion

While the monster playstyle is very aggressive, in terms of gameplay it is far from mindless. There are three card types that are essential to a monster:- attack, reaction, and unleashed cards.




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When a monster has many cards ready to unleash, it is better to keep all attack cards to maximize the impact of that one turn. This brings two benefits. Given most classes are restricted by their resources and the fact that a monster can attack up to 10 times in a turn means some attacks are bound to connect, despite the best defense. The second benefit is that some unleashed cards give a bonus for the entire turn. Attacking all at once means they can all take advantage of that bonus.

Yet when cards are depleted, keeping an unleashed card is of little benefit. Unleash to attack once is unnecessary. Unleash to attack twice is marginal at best because the unleash card itself provides little value. In such a situation it is better to attack once a turn to keep bloodlust level high, while retaining some reaction card for defense. But the moment will come when it is time to unleash again. Then discarding most reaction cards to focus on attack is the right thing to do.  A monster must therefore keep shifting his tactical card mix for the greatest effect.

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