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The Paladin

"She was a sweet and innocent girl before her parents were murdered in a robbery. The Church promised her revenge. Now she is devoted to their cause to punish all sinners of the world"

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Burst Damage :

Evasive Damage  : 

Disruption : 

Sustainability : 

Inevitability  : 

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Defensive and Regenerative 


Transcendence Burst Damage


Equality and Punishment 

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Fighting Style

Fighting Sytle 

Tori is a priestess of Luxi, the God of Light. She is devoted to her calling of pursuing justice and helping the weak. In the game, she is a defensive character that relies on healing and her armor to survive her opponent’s onslaught.

Fortify - The ultimate tank

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Tori has multiple ways to trigger FORTIFY. When active, her opponents damage is reduced by 2 for multiple turns. Not only does that increases her survivability but with her opponent's damage reduced, she has an easier time to block incoming attacks. With the addition of her healing powers, Tori becomes a damage sponge that is very difficult to kill. 


Tori also has a distinctive mechanic that is only available to her. BLESSING is a buff that she can put on herself.

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There are a number of cards that become more powerful as a result of the blessing buff. Mercy is one of the cards that benefit a lot from a blessing. Without the buff, this is just a basic attack card. But when it is enhanced by a blessing, Tori can activate a FORCEFIELD that makes her invulnerable to all damage for one turn. Not only does it prevent attacks but damage over time effects like poison is temporarily negated as well.


Her durability ensures she eventually reaches TRANSCENDENCE. In this form, she can channel divine power to smite her enemy. Equality is a card that shows how powerful she can be and is only playable in her transcendence form. Her belief in equality and justice is manifested in battle when Luxi level the playing field for her. She equalize her opponent both in terms of life total and card number. That means she is never handicapped when the effect of Equality triggers, no matter how powerful her enemy is. With the power of God on her side, it is only a matter of time before her opponent is vanquished in accordance with God’s will.

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Tori has access to a special card type that is only available to an Evangelist. While a prayer is not an automatic success, it is also more powerful when it is answered.

Sacrifice is a very flexible card. When Tori is low on life, it allows her to discard a card to recover her life. But when she does not have enough card, it draws her a lot of cards at the cost of some of her life. Balance in all things is Tori’s approach life.

Justice, law and order are the moral values faithfully upheld by the followers of Luxi. Tori, a loyal paladin to her church, spares no mercy to those that pose a threat to the order. 

A Reunion


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