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"While faeries have an affinity to magic, hardly any are as dedicated to the path as Crystal. Her mastery of ice magic is learned by living in the bitter cold of the artic"

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Burst Damage :

Evasive Damage  : 

Disruption : 

Sustainability : 

Inevitability  : 

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Late-Game Dominant 

Freeze and Control

Accumulative power cards

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Fighting Style

Fighting Sytle 

Crystal is a powerful spellslinger. But unlike many of her peers, she is a specialist. She has devoted herself to ice mastery. This manifests in a very distinctive style of combat. Compared to other types of magic, ice is less destructive. But it is more than compensated by the massive amount of control that it has to offer. Once her opponent is bound by her frozen prison, she can finish them off at her leisure.

Mana - The life of all magic

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Like all spellslingers, mana is her lifeblood. Gathering mana allows her to cast her spells in quantity and quality. Yet she is truly a force to be afraid of when she connects with the universe by enhancing her arcane resonance. 

Frozen - A prison of ice

The magic that Crystal specialises in Freezes her opponent. A frozen opponent can only play one card a turn, heavily limiting their options and setup. This crippling handicap can potentially lock her opponents out of the game if she manages to consistently freeze her opponent turn after turn. 

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Whilst her opponent is frozen and unable to do much, Crystal can take this opportunity to increase her mana and arcane resonance. This can power up spells such as Winter's Embrace that scales according to Crystal's arcane resonance. At her peak form in the late game, one spell from Crystal can effectively cripple her opponent for the rest of the game.

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An Icy Assault 

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Crystal's card synergy relies on how often she can successfully freeze her opponent. Additional effects and control statuses can be applied if the opponent is already frozen. 

Connecting Permafrost on a frozen opponent would force them to discard. While the damage of Shattering Impact is greatly enhanced against a frozen foe.

Yet for all her power, Crystal is weak at the beginning of combat. Even though she can cast protective enchantment, a fast and aggressive opponent is still able to threaten her. But once in the later game,  her ice magic can be overwhelming. When a mighty dragon is locked in an ice prison, it is no different from a tiny lizard.

Spell Casting

Playing a spell card is different from playing an attack card in the game. A spell cannot be blocked or dodged. But casting a spells requires concentration. Therefore once a spell is being cast, the mage is helpless. An opponent can reduce the caster’s concentration to zero by  damaging the caster. If that happens, the spell is dissipated. A clever caster would cast a spell when her opponent has spent all his attacks or when it is least expected.  

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Patience is an important quality for a Spellslinger and a heart of gold is necessary to hear the voices of Arcane. As a student of magic, Crystal needs to once again prove her genuinity to the unseen forces in order to take the next step. 

Frosty Encounters


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