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"The ferocity of a werewolf is to be feared. Redeye strikes terror even among his kind. Not only because of those sharp claws and teeth but behind the icy stare is a stalking predator."


Burst Damage :

Evasive Damage  : 

Disruption : 

Sustainability : 

Inevitability  : 

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Feeding and Leeching 


Rapid Strikes 


Aggresive Combat Style 

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Fighting Style

Fighting Sytle 

Redeye is a very dangerous fighter if only because of its ferocity. Being a wolfman means he is unburdened by human weakness. He is very capable of inflicting self-harm if he can hurt his opponent even more. This means his attacks are generally difficult to stop.

Pain makes you Strong

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Redeye cuts through his enemies with high damage attacks to ensure his opponents can not successfully block thus building his bloodlust. 

Pain barely slows him down. Ignore pain can successfully block most attacks at the cost of some life to mitigate any card effects his opponent tries to put in play.

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Once he has a hand full of cards, Redye can unleash with Howl, adding 1 damage to each attack. If he can attack 7 times that results in 7 more damage.  

Yet even if his opponent survives the attack, Redeye is unrelenting. 

Feeding on the Weak

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Berserk allows him to draw one extra card at the cost of 2 life each turn. Endless Hunger replenishes the life he has been losing throughout the battle. Even with a bloodlust of 2, 7 attacks will heal him for 14. The effect is magnified if his bloodlust level is increased.

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Champion Tips

Redye can seem invincible. But he does live dangerously. Since many of his cards cause himself damage, he can become vulnerable to disabling attacks. If stunned, he may be unable to recover before he can heal back up. Mastery of Redye relies on a keen sense of danger. On a turn he is ready to go all out, it is better to keep the minimal defensive card. But when he is not ready to unleash, a balance of offense and defense is a better approach. Without unleashing, his threat is still limited, being only able to attack once a turn.

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The fearless werewolf struggles with guilt and an incontrollable rage. When up against the violent gang "Rising Sun", Redeye may have no choice but to unleash his deepest fears once more.

The Deep Wound


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Death or Glory® will be available for Early Access on Steam Summer 2022
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Death or Glory
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