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“This class includes fighters spanning across eons. Nearly every culture and time period had its own warrior, from the Japanese samurai, to the Viking berserker, to the Victorian duelist. A warrior is always planning, probing for weakness, before delivering an explosive coup de grace. They have changed the flow of battles and the course of history. Songs were written to praise these men.”

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Masters of Combat

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Hidden Wind 

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Martial Artist

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Innocent Baker

Warriors are the ultimate opportunists and strategists. They have neither an affinity to magic, nor can they create technology that outmatch their opponents. They have won no favors from gods and possess no superhuman strength. Yet more often than not, they come out on top through sheer determination and martial prowess. If you would like to exploit every weakness in a fight, then this class is for you.

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Fluid Combat 


Try different forms of close combats and craft a winning strategy by playing to your strength. 

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Warriors engage their enemies head on by utilizing a wide variety of skills and stringing together combos. They must manage their action points to build momentum. This allows them to deliver powerful attacks whilst ready to defend and counter their enemies.  


Build Momentum 


Consume Momentum 

Action points 

This class replenishes three action points at the beginning of every turn. Given that most cards require only one, this allows a warrior to play three cards per turn. Compared with many other classes, this is a very lenient resource. For example, a Spellslinger needs to build up his maximum mana before he can reach his full potential and an Evangelist requires time to increase devotion in order to become supercharged with godly power.

The ability to attack and respond more frequently means a player is very fluid in fights, switching from offense to defense in an instant.


This is a mechanic that captures the ebb and flow of battle. Warriors do not start the fight with devastating attacks because everyone needs to warm up. There is always a feeling out period. This is where momentum comes in. The first axe swing might feel heavy but as a warrior lands blow after blow, each subsequent swing becomes easier, until a final mighty cleave ends the fight.

In the game, some cards increase momentum (regardless of damage dealt), while others consume it. A warrior must build his momentum to execute the most devastating attacks. But it is always a decision. Emptying all your momentum limits your choices and it takes time and effort to build up again. Yet not spending the momentum means you are just poking at the enemy instead of really hurting him. 


the Dragon Master

Player Character 


Lee is a Kung Fu fighter and a Dragon Warrior. His fighting style relies heavily on keeping his opponent off guard before finishing him off with his Dragon chi attack. He utilizes a unique mechanic that is only available to him and him alone in the game, an Upper and Lower Strike combo system.

Lee, The Kung Fu Master

Arena Challengers 

Character showcase Inigo.jpg

Inigo, the duelist, is a cautious fighter. Testing weakness and openings before striking is his style.  


Feign builds momentum and draws a card. This provides defensive options if action points are left unspent. Yet at the moment of his choice, he can deliver a Coup the Grace with each card in hand dealing 2 extra damage, removing over half the health from his opponent.

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Dilaa, the barbarian is extremely aggressive. Throwing caution to the wind by striking again and again is his style.

His signature move, Whirlwind, can continuously be used with the Perpetual mechanic. This card returns to his hand when dealing damage allowing it to be played consecutively until Dilaa runs out of action point.

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Arena Challengers
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