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“An evangelist is neither stronger nor smarter than you or me. Yet she is not to be underestimated. Prayer is her sword and faith is her armour. By being pious and devoted to her god, she can serve as its vessel to channel the power of divinity to smite the heretics. There is no alliance of convenience in her world. You are either a friend or a foe. An enemy will face divine retribution sooner or later.”

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a Divine purpose 

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An Evangelist's  sole purpose in life, is her duty to god.  She builds up devotion gradually in battle. As it increases, her prayers are more likely to be answered, allowing him to perform super human feats. But the ultimate transformation takes place when he reaches transcendence. In this state his power is almost boundless. Each strike can cleave a river and his body can withstand the weight of a large boulder. There is no escape for those he casts as sinners.

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Multi-effect cards 

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Devote your soul and life to the divine cause.

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Evangelists need to build devotion to become more powerful. It dictates everything they do.



Most cards played by evangelists increase their devotion. Some cards even scale to become more powerful as devotion builds. There is little cost in playing most of their cards. The only restriction is that before reaching transcendence, their ultimate transformation,  they must show forbearance by playing only two cards a turn or they will lose devotion.


Once an evangelist reaches a devotion of 10, he reaches transcendence. In this new state, not only is he not restricted by the number of cards that he can play in a turn, he can also play some of the most powerful cards that is only playable if he has reached the transcendence state. He will remain in such a state for 3 turns before he drops back down to 5 devotion. While it is very likely he would have won before this point, but in a long game, he has to build his devotion again to transcend.


A prayer card is only accessible by an evangelist. While you can pray any time, playing the card is not an automatic success. The chance of your prayer being answered is proportional to the value of your devotion. A value of 0 results in automatic failure while a value of 10 results in automatic success. Otherwise the chance is proportional to the  devotion value.

Prayer cards are generally more powerful. While a player can wait until a very high devotion value to ensure the card taking effect, sometimes it is worthwhile taking a chance earlier to ensure a favorable outcome. When that happens, it is always fingers crossed, hoping the prayer will be answered.


the Paladin

Player Character 

Tori is dutiful and proud of her calling. Raised by the sisters of Luxi, no one is as devoted to the god of Light as she is. She fights to protect the innocent, sacrificing herself for the good of others by putting herself in harms way and never wavers in the face of terrors. But she will also punish those who defy the Church, calling forth the power of god to cast judgment with her wrath. 


Arena Challengers 

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Hebe is a nature loving druid. She plants seeds to further its growth at every opportunity. She honors the Demeter, the Mother of Nature with her devotion. As she plants more and more seeds, her power also increases. While she would normally not harm a single soul because she believes all lives are sacred, she would die to protect all that is in her care. With the full force of nature behind her, those who incur her wrath do not last long.

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Nesveto is a mysterious figure with an uncanny ability to see the future. What many do not know is that his ability derives from a much darker source. His all seeing eyes is an indication of his devotion. But the price of power has a cost that only a few are willing to pay.

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The power of God

An evangelist is a class that requires patience to play. Your cards to not shine until later in the game. But it is essential to keep increasing your devotion. Because once you reach transcendence, the world is your oyster. The power of all your cards are unlocked and you can play as many cards as you want. On top of that some of the most powerful cards are only accessible in the transcendence state. When you crush your enemy, you can smile knowing your prayer is answered. 


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Death or Glory® will be available for Early Access on Steam Summer 2022
Mobile and Tablet versions will be available soon!

Death or Glory
® demo will be released on Steam Februrary 2022


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