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“A spellslinger makes use of magic. She may be a specialist who has mastered the elements, from fire to ice, from wind to earth. She may be more exotic, being able to turn people into pigs. Then there are the few that can lift seas and level mountains. But regardless of their expertise, be very weary when a spellslinger is gathering mana to cast a spell. She can surely end your life if she so choose. The more interesting question is how."

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Those guided by magic

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A Spellslinger's lifeblood is mana. While starting with a small mana pool, it accumulates slowly as the fight continues. This allows her to cast the most powerful spells, which is further enhanced when she achieves arcane resonance. With access to enough mana and attuned to the arcane, she can turn worlds upside down or challenge the power of a god. Not many can win against her in a long fight. When it is time to hunt, it is merciless and can finish off its opponent in short order. If you like explosive damage and potential one-turn kills, this class is for you.

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Late game dominant 

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Creeping advantage

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Devastating Control


Let the voice of the arcane guide you through this vast world.

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A spellslinger is a late game class. Mana and arcane resonance are essential to her playstyle yet she starts with little at the beginning.

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All the cards that a spellslinger plays require mana. While it is replenished at the end of every turn, the pool of mana is limited at the start. Yet there are cards that can expand this pool, allowing them to have access to more and more mana every turn.


This opens the possibility to playing the more powerful cards that cost more, as well as playing many cards in a single turn. The improvement is also sustained, thus overwhelming most opponents in the late game with intense barrage of spells turn after turn.

Arcane Resonnance

It is a measure of how attuned a spellslinger is to the arcane. The flow of magic can be disorderly. A skill caster would align themselves with its flow. Once resonance is achieved, a small effort can result in a large effect. Unfortunately this process takes time and concentration. But once achieved, it enhances the power of the caster greatly.

In the game, this value starts at 0, but it improves gradually by playing specific cards. There are a separate set of cards that serve as payoff. They have power levels that scale higher as the caster's arcane resonance increases. In the late game with high enough value, a single spell can be game ending.


A spell is only accessible by a spellslinger. It differs from a normal attack in a number of ways. It cannot be blocked, dodged, braced, etc. (the ways you stop an attack). Neither can a barrier stop a spell. Instead the player casting the spell cannot do anything while the spell is cast. The caster has 3 concentration points and each is removed when damaged. When all the concentration points are removed, the spell is stopped. Otherwise the spell is resolved when her opponent passes. A spell is most powerful when an opponent has used most of his attacks, allowing it to resolve unchallenged. Keeping defensive options in his hand does not help against a spell.


the Ice Faerie

Player Character 

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Crystal is a cheerful yet cold. She is small but powerful. It would be unwise to underestimate her from her size as she has the ability to freeze her opponents, making them unable to play more than 1 card a turn. All the whilst she powers up her mana and arcane resonance to assert a magical dominance in the late game.


Arena Challengers 

Fire Mage.jpg

Kurenai loves fire for its beauty and she wouldn't hesitate to use it on her enemy. She may start slow with a Fire Dance and cast small spells that does a bit of burning. That’s what fire does but it doesn’t seem to be all that threatening. But then she will follow up with more fire.


Her opponent starts to feel the heat and may be able to avoid a few hits. But little did he know the groundwork is already laid for his demise. The cards played so far are not only damaging but they also enhance Kurenai’s ability by improving her mana whilst raising her arcane resonance. When she sees an opening, she will cast her ultimate spell, Internal Combustion. This spell effectively puts a blazing inferno onto her opponent as the more arcane resonance she has accumulated so far, the more powerful the spell becomes. Being burnt into a crisp is just a matter of time.

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Shoonya is a spellslinger born with the powers of the Void. His fighting style is one that connects him with the power of the void. By casting the enchantment Bottomless Pit, Shoonya creates a void shield that will negate damage. This allows him to nullify even the most powerful attacks wasting his opponents precious resources as a void shield cannot be broken until it is attacked. Shoonya's foes often run out of options when their attacks vanish out of thin air. 

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The inevitable Magic

A spellslinger requires patience to play. During the early game is when the class can really be pressured. There are numerous options for her to build her mana, which is essential for her to thrive. If she is able to survive into the late game, with both her mana and arcane resonance built up, the sheer amount of resource and power at her disposal is unrivalled. No other class can increase its resource indefinitely. Only a spellslinger can. 


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