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Welcome to Death or Glory Press page. If you need any additional information or would want anything provided in a different format, please contact us and we will make it available for you.

Fact Sheet

Developer: Distilled Gaming Company 

Release Date: Q3 2023

Platform: PC (Steam) | IOS and Android coming soon 

Price: Free to Play with Microtransactions 

Availability: Digital Download


Languages: English


Press Contact:


Steam Store Page:

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Game Description 

Embody a character in a world where magic and bullets collide, where gods and mechs battle for supremacy. Every card is an action. As a mage you can cast fireballs, as a mech you can launch rockets and as a giant you grapple for control. Aggressive characters burn, poison and stun. While controlling types, respond by parrying or erecting force fields. Win with synergistic combos and counter your opponent’s fatal blow. There are many paths to victory, from executing big damage, to control lock your opponent or even by transcending into a deity to banish your foe.

Pilot a giant mech to rain down missiles causing death and destruction. Follow the dictum of your order by smiting evil with divine retribution or ambush your prey as a werewolf in a berserking frenzy. An abundance of fantasy archetypes are assembled into five classes, each with its own resources and mechanics. Play as a heroric Warrior, gather Mana as a Spellslinger, devote yourself as an Evangelist, spray and pray as a Techie and unleash your demons as a Monster. No two classes or characters will every play alike making each matchup one of a kind. 

Embark on an adventure, loot new cards, amass treasures, meet new allies and upgrade your cards to their maximum potential. World-ending bosses will await you at the end of the journey. Every decision you make along the way, every card you choose to collect, each quest you choose to complete will impact your strategy for each run. Dive deep into the world of Corrum where weeping spirits, seductive vampires, and nature loving druids awaits. Expand your playstyle by unlocking new champions updated every season!


-Brand new Universal Combat System (UCS) that allows EVERY IMAGINABLE character to battle

-Strategic gameplay where every decision matters.

- Rogue-like Single player deckbuilding adventure

-East meets West, a multicultural character roster drawn with a comic-inspired art 

- Unique deck with distinctive mechanics for every character

- Item cards, Ally cards, Upgraded cards and many more 

- Progression system that unlocks additional character cards by simply playing the game 

- 400+ Cards on release, with regular content updates to release more cards

- Multiplayer mode have you advance through competitive rankings to win seasonal rewards

- All characters are unlockable by earning in-game currency with NO PAYWALL. 

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Target Audience

- Players who are looking for games with flexible (10 mins to 1 hour) gameplay sessions

- Players who love deep and engaging strategy games

- Players who love a card game that allow them to become a fantasy hero

- Players who want to play what they pay, instead of relying on random boosters

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Death or Glory (Demo) 7_6_2023 3_33_48 pm.png

Idea Origination

The realization that hand-to-hand combat is like a chess match inspired this game. It was mentioned in UFC commentaries that combatants are really playing mind games against one another because ultimately there is no wrong move in a fight. Everything can be countered but there may be an optimal maneuver for any given time and situation.

A further fanciful notion struck us when we expanded combats between wildly different characters. Can magic counter a bullet? Can a werewolf in a berserking rage be stopped by the holy light of a paladin? Thus a Universal Combat System (UCS) was born to represent this idea. A game where wildly different fighting styles can challenge each other in a fair fight. But not just superficially, but the mechanics of the game must support all these different character types. We have eventually settled on five classes with five different resource systems to represent all the fantasy and science fiction tropes imaginable. 

Five Classes 

A warrior must build momentum to play the most powerful attack but they are restricted by action points in how often he can act. A Spellslinger must accumulate mana to cast the most devastating spells, which are further enhanced by her arcane resonance. A techie wields powerful weapons and machines but must reload after depleting his ammo or cooldown if he overheats. As an Evangelist gradually increases her devotion, her prayers are more likely to be answered. Ultimately she transcends with the power of a god to smite her opponent. A monster remains docile until it unleashes. Then its bloodlust takes over with unlimited chances to attack.

Excitement First

The goal of the game is to be exciting with minimal downtime.  Decisions in the game are designed to be meaningful. While every card is an action, a successful action can synergize with other actions to snowball the game. Yet every offensive action can be countered. As a result, there is never a certainty, execution success depends on your opponent's response. A failure will switch control to your opponent to do the same to you. You are never waiting for your opponent to finish his turn but will instead be kept on your toes, either attacking or defending.


We want many players to enjoy our game without sinking a large amount of money into it. Therefore they are never required to buy random loot boxes or booster packs. Each character is sold separately or earned from in-game currency so a player will always be able to enjoy what he pays for. Characters are also designed to be balanced against each other. Old and new characters remain competitive in the multiplayer mode.


About Distilled Gaming  

Our world moves at an ever faster pace these days. There is not enough time to study, to work, to eat, to sleep or even to play. Distilled Gaming wants to focus on where the fun is. Anything that is not fun, we discard. Anything that is, we double it, triple it and then let a player experience it in the shortest amount of time. We hope to put a smile on every face to cheer you up.

Everyone in Distilled Gaming are gamers. We know very well what is enjoyable and what frustrates. Death or Glory is our first game and we are perfecting it through endless iterations. We believe in our concept and hope to support this game in the years to come.

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Game Facts
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