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A.T.A.C.R gets an upgrade!

The battle mech is now remodeled and ready to destroy!

We have received feedback regarding the playstyle of ATACR to be overly combo dependent and streamlined. Despite having very rewarding experiences when the damage boost and multi-hit combo work, the optimal playstyle of A.T.A.C.R revolved around turtling until you get the right cards which isn’t particularly fun. We summarised the issue and made changes to 2 major aspects, the ammo-to-damage ratio and tuning cards for different combo opportunities.

In order for A.T.A.C.R. to be less punishing when the specific cards don’t appear at the specific moment, we first tuned the ammo cost to multiple attack and defense cards to allow more cards to be played with one reload. The second set of changes includes various new mechanics added to A.T.A.C.R, most notably ‘Redirection’ which is a block card that gives you a damage boost based on how much damage was deflected. We hope these changes will make an impact on how the A.T.A.C.R will be played and become a more enjoyable experience for all players.

Balance Changes

A.T.A.C.R - Spray and Pray

Card Value

Ammo Cost : 4 > 3

A.T.A.C.R - EMP Pulse

Card Value

Ammo Cost : 3 > 2

A.T.A.C.R - Death and Destruction

Card Value

Damage : 8 < 9

A.T.A.C.R - Reactive Armour

In order to balance the drawbacks of Reload and pressure of ammo management, we decided to decrease the ammo cost of Reactive Armour to encourage players to defend when necessary instead of indefinatly conserving ammo for attacks. To balance this change, we altered the card effect to only trigger if Barriers are already active to incentivize a different way to combo off with the A.T.A.C.R.

Card Effect

Increase your Barrier Value by 3 > Increase your Barrier Value by 3, if it is already active.

Card Value

Ammo cost : 3 > 2

A.T.A.C.R - Nanite Burst > Predictive System

This card received several changes to it’s design to make it a combo card in the form of a block card. The new mechanic ‘Redirection’ will give a damage boost based on the damage blocked by it, opening a new way to synergise attacks and counter opponents. The addition of this card adds another piece to the puzzle so the reliance on Calibrated Shot and Force Multiplier can be lessened, allowing flexibility to the players hand.

Card Effect

Increase your Barrier Value by 2 < You are granted Redicrection.

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