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Update 10/03 Challenger Levels

Patch Highlights

  • Challenger Levels

  • Testing Mode

  • Animated Cards

Challenger Levels!

We have been in development of Death or Glory for almost 3 years now. Over the years we have created over 30 characters with over 400 cards in the game, each designed to be uniquely played and strategize around. We hope everyone has found interest in the cards and mechanics that have been created and look forward to more exciting designs we will be implementing shortly.

To create a better experience with the game, we are implementing a New Progression System for all players that will carry on your achievements from the early game to the late game. Through this progression track, players will earn cards, new items, new perks and new development content that we hope everyone will enjoy.

After the update, all players will gain access to your Challenger level from the Main Menu. Level up by simply winning matches in either the Arena or in the Event modes. Every win will count to one step in the progression track and when enough steps have been met, rewards will be unlocked and can be claimed by simply clicking on the icon. Challenge tougher opponents to level up faster as you can gain additional bonus steps upon defeating them, you will get to know and learn more about them as you progress through the Arena. Once all rewards in a level have been claimed, you will advance to Level 2 and a new set of rewards will be presented. We plan to change up the type of rewards you gain in the future but for now, every single battle you win will mean you get closer to a new card! Additionally, we will be reintroducing a new objectives system to boost your progression and grant you special rewards when you complete new challenges. This will be included in another update in the following weeks. We would love to hear any feedback about the levelling and make improvements as we get closer to our early access launch! See you in the Arena!

Announcement : After the update, all card unlocks, arena clear data and objective progressions from previous versions of the demo will be wiped. All players will maintain access to the following :

· Player Characters : Lee, Redeye, Crystal, A.T.A.C.R, Tori, Roxxor

· Default deck for all player characters

· Badge of Honour and Tutorial clear data

· Living Legend Event Highscores

Thank you for your understanding and the support you have shown us, every game and every battle is valuable information for us to build a better Death or Glory experience.

Best wishes and may glory await you!

Progression Rules

Win battles to earn cards and rewards! Every win you get in the Arena will grant you one point to your progression track. When you have met the requirements, your reward can be claimed by clicking on the icon. Once all rewards in your current level have been claimed, your challenger rank advances, and a new set of rewards will be available. The numbers bellow your rank indicate your current score and total number of wins till your next reward. New progression levels will be added in following patch updates so come back every week to see what new cards become available and may you find glory in the arena!

Testing Mode

  • Be the first to test new card balances and changes to mechanics.

  • Join the test and let us know your feedback in Discord to win special rewards.

A new testing mode have been added to the game and we would like to invite our community members to join in to test our newest changes. This mode will typically have two fights that are set up to test new ideas and changes for cards and mechanics. Sometimes during game design, we have cool ideas and concepts that we want to test out but want to avoid changing everything at once before we have high confidence in the update. This is where you come in! In testing mode, we make these changes and setup specific scenarios that will allow players to test and try out the suggestions. It may be awesome, or it could be a bad idea, whatever your feelings are, we would be happy to hear them. Leave your thoughts in our Discord Channel: Feedback and bugs, and we can discuss what we like and what we want changed. Players joining our testing efforts and leave their feedback in discord will have access to more rewards and exclusive items, including giveaways and special prizes.

Animated Cards

A new type of reward have been added to the Arena Dungeons. Complete the Arena Challenges to upgrade certain cards into their animated form! The upgrade is automatically applied once you complete the dungeon.

General Changes

  • Changed the scoring in the Living Legend Raid to count total damage done to Qian Shou instead of total damage taken.

Balance Changes

Opponent Character: Ibhadi - Blood Offer

We made changes to the card mechanics of Blood offer to balance out the risk reward of the character. With a lack of defensive cards, this crazy blood enthusiast can be easily hit down by several attack cards, but players now have to be aware of the timing of attacks and how hard to hit him, to avoid his sacrifice to regenerate back to maximum health.

Card effect: If your health is less than 15, Reset to 25 < If your health is less than 10, Reset to maximum health.

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