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Character Perk 2! 23/2 Update

Patch Highlights

  • Character Perk 2

  • Arena path win streak rewards

Character Perk 2!

Last week we introduced a new Perk mechanic into the deck-building system that opens up different playstyles and builds for each character. This week we are adding in 5 more perks for everyone to experiment with to find new and innovative ways to break the arena!

The new perks are unlocked by completing 2 of the Arena Paths! Once you have met the requirements claim your rewards by clicking on the golden treasure box in the Arena Menu!

  • Redeye “Cornered” Your health is reduced by 5 and bloodlust is increased by 1 at the beginning of the game.

  • Lee “Combo” If you can trigger both upper and lower strikes, next attack damage this turn is increased by 5.

  • Crystal “Ice Mastery” If your opponent is frozen, the mana cost of each card is reduced by 1, but it can never be 0.

  • Tori “Gaia’s Blessinig”

You are granted Regenerate(1). Playing more than two cards a turn will remove your regenerate effect, unless you have transcended.

  • A.T.A.C.R “Logistical Support”

If you have no card in play, any reload replenish 4 additional ammo.

Arena Path Winstreak

The Arena is a big part of the gameplay and content in Death or Glory and we are always looking at ways to improve its experience of it. After some feedback regarding progression and rewards, we are now looking at multiple ways to develop content to keep things fresh and interesting every playthrough. These changes will happen across a span of several weeks as we implement and test features one by one.

This week we will be introducing a reward mechanic based on win streaks in each arena run. Whenever you are on a win streak you gain +3 maximum health and this will accumulate until your streak has ended. This will reward players for doing well and provide support with additional health when they reach the final, more powerful boss levels. We have also made minor adjustments to the difficulty of each path to balance the gameplay. We look forward to updating new features and are always open to suggestions, so please let us know what you would like to see next time in the Arena!

General Updates and Fixes

  • Increased score gained from successful attacks or blocks and significantly increased bonus score gained from Brutality and Reversal Triggers in The Living Legend Event.

  • Fixed a rare occurrence of the AI not passing when two spells are cast and Daze is triggered.

  • Fixed various wording and spelling errors

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1 Comment

Jim Allsop
Jim Allsop
Apr 24, 2023

I like this game. I would like to try to play it on the stream when I figure out how to set it up, it's good that I found a way to do it faster . I think you have a great game with a lot of potential

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