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Allies Assemble! Update 03/3


Good work champions! Qian Shou has been severely weakened by everyone’s help! The battles have been tough and rigorous but everyone has shown their strength by pulling off crazy combos and making momentous plays to topple the legend. As the raid moves into Phase 2, new help will come to the Arena in the form of a new card mechanic AND a brand new player character!

Patch Highlights

  • New Player Character - Roxxor the Giant!

  • Allies assemble! Ally cards are now available in the Living Legend Event

Roxxor the Giant!

A brand new player character will be available for a limited time after the update! For the month of March the champion giant will be your strongest fist against the challengers in the Arena. Roxxor was once abandoned by his tribe and cast away to the savage forests where ferocious beast lived. Whilst surviving the dangers he befriended a stray but friendly cat and named it Torek. For years they trained, they hunted and they prevailed against anyone who threatened their life. Now much older and wiser, Roxxor the giant is a name champions across the continent of Corrum fears and respects.

Roxxor is the second playable Warrior class character introduced in the roster. Equipped with powerful momentum-based attacks and power scaling abilities. The playstyle of Roxxor mimics a charge-and-punch rhythm with cards like World’s End that scales with your Momentum level, Roxxor is capable of ground-breaking power with one swing of an arm. The signature mechanic of Roxxor is his combo of Grapple and Throw, a powerful control that can lock your opponent down followed up with a strong toss that deals tons of damage. It can be tricky to set up his Momentum and Action hungry moves but once he is ready, this giant can really topple worlds.

Play as Roxxor now in the Arena and the Living Legend Raid! May glory await you!

Pick your Ally!

The battle against the Living Legend is fierce and you will need all the help you can get! Joining the fray are 8 Ally Cards that you can pick to assist you in your battle! Ally Cards are special cards that come from opponents you’ve faced before in the Arena and they’ve now come to help. These cards are extremely powerful and are the signature moves of their respective characters. Lucky John’s Fan the Hammer and The Harrowing Knight’s Titanic Blow will be great offensive options whilst a surprise Void Shield created by Shoonya can protect you from the strongest of attacks. These cards do not require resources to play and their usage is not limited to class. So mix and match to find the coolest ways to party up against the Living Legend!

Enter the raid by joining the event and after you commence your fight, two allies will come to your side and you can pick whoever you want to join your fight! This is our first showcase of this card type and we will be evolving its gameplay and mechanics as we develop more cool ways to interact with our characters!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue regarding cards unable to be drawn from deck when drawing to maximum hand size.

  • Updated the description text for Death Mark.

Balance Patch

1. Arena Difficulty

We have received feedback regarding the difficulty of some fights in the early game of Death or Glory, especially in the Arena. We made adjustments to enemy health to smooth out the difficulty curve of the game in hopes of creating an enjoyable experience.

Arena Opponents Battle 1 and 2

Opponent Health : 35 > 25

Arena Opponent Battle 3 and 4

Opponent Health : 35 > 30

Arena Opponent Boss Battle

Opponent Health : Unchanged

2. Card balances

Redeye - Ravenous Chomp > Ravenous Appetite

In the current meta, Ravenous Appetite provides both a high damage output and subsequent healing through its Leech mechanic at a relatively low cost. We decided to give a slight nerf to the card by increasing its Bloodlust Cost whilst giving it a small damage boost. This will require a bit more set up and preparation in order for Redeye to feast on his opponent.

Card Value

Bloodlust requirement : 3 < 4

Attack : 7 < Attack : 8

Tori - Ascendancy

The mechanic of Ascendancy requiring a discard in order to trigger felt contradictory to the flavor and lore behind Transcending. We adjusted the card effect to be able to negate the discard through the use of a Blessing. We also removed the Fortify effect from the card to prevent the overlap between Bravery.

Card Effect

You are granted Forcefield until the end of turn, but you must discard a card. If you have a Blessing on you, consume it and you are granted Fortify (2). > You are granted Forcefield until the end of turn. Unless you consume a blessing, discard a card.

A.T.A.C.R - Major Repair

The card design of Major Repair is to provide a heavy duty ‘repair’ process to the mech, allowing it to return to battle after the cost of discarding a card. However at its current power level, it doesn’t really change the situation too much and other reload cards often include more utility with no cost. Hence we buffed the effect of this card to essentially give the A.T.A.C.R a reset on all of its resources , Ammo and Heat, to solidify its position in the deck as the ‘strongest’ reload option.

Card Effect

Replenish Ammo by 8 and Heat by 5. You also Heal 4 lives and need to discard a card. While reloading, you must pass until the end of turn. < Replenish Ammo by 12 and Heat by 10. You also Heal 3 lives and need to discard a card. While reloading, you must pass until the end of turn.

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