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D.O.G Roadmap for 2023!

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Hello Champions!

First and foremost I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year as we head into 2023. This year marks the beginning of our new development phase. In 2018, we set out to create a martial-arts-inspired strategy card game, and almost 5 years later, this concept continues to evolve and grow. That’s why community feedback will be a huge part of our plan for the year as we release and communicate more and more of our big plans. Our first major update of the year starts on the 20th of January and in it community members will be able to access 3 additional player characters through a special code pinned in our Discord channel! Everyone is invited, and I can personally guarantee they will be shifting the meta on how you dominate through the arena.

Test Builds and the Development Roadmap!

Rapid prototypes of new ideas for cards, characters and gamemodes are a major focus in our upcoming development roadmap. The devteam will release version patches and updates on a regular basis to integrate suggestions along with releasing new content whilst hosting community discussions to find what works and what needs more work. Champions who contribute the most will be rewarded with special titles, collectible memorabilia, gift cards, and more!

Coming Soon!

Items in this category are pretty much ready to go. You can expect to see them added to the game within the following weeks!

Next month, we will be starting a brand new challenge that will test your limits against the Living Legend, Qian Shou! The goal is to find a winning strategy to deal as much damage as possible before you are knocked out of battle. As a community, we will be working together to defeat the boss together to meet goals and objectives as we collectively damage the boss! This is our first big-scale event and more will be coming in the future!

The Character Perk System is a new mechanic we are developing to add to the deck-building experience to shift and enrich the possibilities in the playstyles of each character. A cool perk we are thinking of for Redeye is called Savagery and it gives Redeye a permanent damage boost but at the cost of losing all Bloodlust when he fails to do any damage. This will make Redeye's attacks go through defenses much easier and at the same time consistently boost the health that he can Leech. However high Bloodlust cost cards could become risky to add to your deck as it becomes difficult to maintain Bloodlust at all times. Players can expect to see perks for all characters in an early build around Mid February, and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback about the mechanic!

In Development and In Concept:

These are additions in much earlier prototype stages. Although their details aren’t set in stone, we expect them to greatly enhance Death or Glory’s gameplay and user experience. We are in the development of a Roguelike game mode where players will traverse through a map to build and upgrade their deck with special cards and even take control of team decks to complete objectives that are always changing. Meaning every time you play, there will be new ways to strategize and new decks to build!

We look forward to discussing these ideas, and the steps we are undertaking in development, one at a time. We will be conducting frequent surveys and round-table discussions through Discord in order to make our development process more collaborative. Our goal is to make sure that Death or Glory has appealing single-player and PvP gameplay prior to its soft launch this summer.

This journey is just beginning! Look forward to more in-depth articles and reveals as we expect to make updates every week to build the ultimate dueling card game!

We hope that you will join us on Discord and other social platforms to help make big decisions about where development goes from here.

John - Death or Glory

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