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New Character Perks! 2/17 Update

Welcome back Champions!

This week will be a deck building/strategy focused update with three new exciting features

Patch Highlights

  • Character Perks

  • New Arena Path with a new Boss

  • Reworked Scoring system in The Living Legend Event

Character Perks

This week we are introducing a new PERK mechanic to enhance the deck-building and strategizing experience. Perks are modifiers that affect the gameplay and playstyle of characters, allowing further customization and deck building opportunities.

Currently you can customize your character by selecting 15 cards to put in your deck. Based on your style of play, the cards you select would revolve around the desired synergy you want from the card effects. Perks add an additional dimension to your deck design as the modifications generally allow you to take advantage of certain mechanics or order of play to build your strategy around. Perks are unique to each player character and every perk is designed to promote synergies in multiple ways with the core themes of the character. For example Lee’s Perk “Tempo Advantage” gives him an extra Action Point at the start of turn when he has initiative, therefore encouraging a rhythmic style of play that players could experiment with the additional Action Point.

There are many exciting perks in the works and we can’t wait to see what new game-breaking synergies the community can come up with. This week players will unlock Perk 1 for every player character by just logging-in and joining the EXTRA testing build through the unlock code ACU020 (players that have previously entered the code will NOT need to enter it again). Perk 2 will be coming very soon in the following week and we will be eagerly awaiting your feedback and comments about the new feature!

New Perks

  • Redeye “Hunting” If you have no cards in hand at the end of turn, you draw an extra card

  • Lee “Tempo Advantage” If you have initiative that turn, action is increased by 1 at the beginning of that turn

  • Crystal “Ancient Ward” During the first 3 turns of the game, your health cannot be reduced by more than 4 from any attack

  • Tori “Chosen One” Your Prayer has higher chance of success

  • ATACR “Advanced Rocketry” Missiles can only be shot down with Speed 4 Attacks

New Arena Path - Curses of the Damned

A new challenge has risen in the Arena as Lady Black, the Dark Arcanist has cursed the battlefield with the souls of the damned, past warriors who have challenged her but failed. Her desire for pain and her love of your suffering makes her a chaotic Spellslinger to deal with. Champions will have to work around her multiple unique mechanics such as PAIN and FORTUNE REVERSAL to find a way to exorcize the corruption. Check out some of her highlighted cards in the Death or Glory Discord Channel to prepare for her onslaught!

New Scoring Metrics

The Living Legend Raid had an exciting introduction and premise when we introduced the event in the previous version update. The event and how we are running it is still a work in progress and from feedback we hope to improve, creating a fun experience for everyone at all levels. This update we have reworked the scoring metrics for the event with new factors such as ‘Successful Attacks’, ‘Brutality Triggers’, ‘Survival bonuses’ and more. This will open up the limitations of the previous 119 high score and players can aim for the top by optimizing their builds and strategies with the new content we are releasing as well! Good Luck!

Balance Changes 17/02/23

Crystal - Ancient Glacier

To add another dimension to the gameplay, we have added a new mechanic that triggers when a card is Discarded. This allows the card to be used in multiple ways increasing the utility of putting them in deck for certain scenarios. We removed the ability to apply Frozen as a balancing factor since Crystal already has multiple ways to apply Frozen in her deck. Card Effect

If your Arcane Resonance is 2 or greater, increase your block value by 1 and apply Frozen(1) > If this card is discarded, Heal (2) lives.

Card Value

Block : 6+ Speed : 2 > Block : 8 Speed : 1

Tori - Salvation

Salvation is the second card we have added the discard mechanic to and as a balancing factor we increased the base stats of the card but added the downside of Exhausted when used.

Card Effect

If your Devotion is 6 or greater, the value of this block is increased by 2. > You are Exhausted after you block. If this card is discarded, Heal (2) lives.

Card Value

Block : 5+ Speed : 2 > Block : 6 Speed : 2

Tori - Judgement We reviewed the card pool for Tori and found her to lack a card that really focuses on damage, thus most of her current builds streamline into a tank and heal playstyle. We adjusted her ability to focus on Damage as many of her other cards already fulfilled a healing role, giving Judgement a unique place in Tori’s deck.

Card Effect

Heal (5) lives if you have less than your opponent. Otherwise apply Lightning Damage (5) to your opponent. > Apply Lightning Damage (8) to your opponent.

Lee - Twin Dragon Twin Dragon’s lack of Action Point Cost and unique Reuse mechanic makes it a staple in many of Lee’s decks due to its versatility. We decided to give the card a slight nerf to its power to allow other cards to come into the spotlight in different builds.

Card Value

Attack : 4 Speed : 4 > Attack : 3 Speed : 4

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